2008 335i Stage 3 Turbo

How the car came about...

  If you are  local you have probably already heard or seen this car doing its thing. Everything about this car has been done by yours truly and it would be an understatement to say that its, It is my pride and joy. I will admit that it hasn’t all be a fairy tale … there were many low points in the project where I was very close to hanging the towel and walking away. 

I purchased the car in 2015 completely stock with 27k miles. It all completely stock- 6 Speed Manual in Montego Blue/Black interior, I had to have it! --- I didn’t think twice about selling my former FBO 335i Auto. I rushed to sell my Auto 335i at a very low price and cashed out my “dream N54”. 

Shortly: 2-3 weeks into ownership the car was FBO with a JB4 Back End flash and a TBI fuel injection kit. All maintenance items were address early and the car was amazing/consistent: the car was running great as it should and then misery struct!  I woke up one morning to warm up my car, and the car was GONE! After a few minutes of confusion and asking myself where I left the car -  I finally realized… The vehicle had been stolen from my driveway. 

2- months later the vehicle was found – no wheels – interior stripped-engine components ripped off- wire harnesses snipped. A Total loss per insurance. Any Regular person would have walked away from the vehicle – but I couldn’t. Against all logic and common sense, I decided I wasn’t going to let go and purchased what was left of the vehicle from the insurance.

And so TRY#2 began.

I got the car running rather easily but was quickly hit with a plague of issues one after the other – blown turbos- bad fuel pumps- misfires- low compression – I could not catch a breath. Wife was telling me it was time to let it go and again… against all logic – I held on.

Summer of 2016 was when the car Finally started to play nice and its been the most amazing and most faithful N54 ever. It’s consistency in the last few years has been amazing and If I had to make the choice again I would choose to hold on to it again.

BMW 335i Bremerton NWN Street Car Challenge

BMW 335i Bremerton NWN Street Car Challenge

NPR video coming soon.....


Drive Train

Drive Train

Drive Train

 SteamSpeed Turbos 19T 

 Motiv Motorsports Flywheel 

 Motiv  Motorsports Twin Disk SST 

AD-Engineering Front Mount Intercooler

  VRSF Charge Pipe  

Synapbles BOV V3 - Custom upgrade  

 Outlets MMP 2" 2.5" hot side inlets  

AD-e PCV delete Valve

 Clutch Delay Valve delete

 BMS downpipes 

SW4Y Custom Daily Tune

Wedge Performance Tune

 Race Precision Raceworks Igntion Kit  

NGK 95770  Plugs


Oil Catch Can

 ECS Performance Clutch Fork Pivot Pin

Mfactory LSD 


Drive Train

Drive Train

 Condor Speed Shop subframe insersts UHMW

Eibach Sway bars

front/rear M3 control arms  upper/lower fron m3 control arms

BC Racing Coilover Kit

Hotchicks Front/rear adjustable Endlinks

  Diff Brace   

 Front Custom Chassis Stiffening  Brace by Joes Racing

Trans Mounts by Revshift 

Megan Racing Strut Brace Bar

Ford 8.8“ Rear Diff ( AD-engineering)

Gforce Axles  (Renegade)

Aluminum 1 piece Driveline 


Drive Train

Wheels and Brakes

 Analog Boost Guage by ECS  

 Multi Media MMI  Idrive/ Airplay  

  Custom Sport Steering Wheel 

 RTD Shifter  

 P2 Shift Light   

Wot box

Wheels and Brakes

Wheels and Brakes

Wheels and Brakes

 19"  Avant Garde M359 Wheels  


Drag Radial Tires, MT Street Radials 275/40/17

Drag Wheels Kosei K1 17" x8.5 et 40


Ekobono Rear Pads  R1 Concept Blanks Rear Rotor

F30 Brembo Brake calipers 

ECS SS Brake Lines 

Super Dot 5.1 Brake Fluid 

Hawk HPS 5.0 front Brake Pads 



Wheels and Brakes



Meth PI Injection Plate by Twisted Tuning 

AEM Methanol Controller

ProMeth High Flow Methanol Pump

4.2 Prometh Methanol Tank

Devils Own methanol intank filter and level sensor. 

Custom 4an Braided Meth Lines 

5.0GHP Meth Nozzles Nozzles

 Euro Tuning LPFP Stage 2  

Twisted tuning Hpfp to Rail Fuel Line 

LPFP to HPFP Fuel line Upgrade by Fuel-It 

Spool Perf Helix Over Drive


Wheels and Brakes


 Dual 2.5"  HKS  Exhaust  

 BMS F30 Kidneys Gloss Black   

M-tech Rear Bumper + Diffuser

Summer of 2018