638WHP 5 series Monster!

Garage built by Tyler Kummer


Do not be fooled by his unwelcoming facial expression. Tyler Kummer out of the Kent area is one of the nicest and most straight forward dudes you will ever meet. I’ve had the pleasure to know him on a personal level and have seen the progression of his 2008 E60 535i and let me tell you this – nothing stops Tyler. Everyone and their sister can easily slap FBO parts on a 1-Series or a 3-Series however the 5 series is a challenge of its own. Most of the parts designed for the N54 do not necessarily fit well on the E60 chassis but that has not stopped Tyler from achieving greatness and having one of the most amazing cars in this region. 


I asked Tyler:  Why the 60 N54? He responded...

“ The most interesting thing about me buying a e60 n54 was the fact that it was completely an accident. I was at my current job collecting payment for work we had done and I saw it coming off the transport truck from California. I had been wanting at e60 but hadn’t pulled the trigger because I really didn't want to deal with the issues of a E60 550i and nobody wants a 528i....  But when it came off the truck it said 535i and I was like "wtf?"  So, a quick google later found out it was a TT and said that's cool. Went home, and told my wife, she said if you want it get it, next day I was an owner.  Only then did I research what I had just bought and realized they were full of issues.....but what bimmer isnt? “

I also asked. After the Purchase of the car, how quickly did you start modifying your E60 N54? 

“It wasn't much longer that I discovered a JB4. Being a poor small business owner with a bright shiny new car payment I ended up with a used JB4 and DCI and I thought I was “Big Shit” -but that wasn't enough for long. --- a year later came downpipes and the birth of MHD.  Not wanting to give up the little bit of control the jb4 gives you I elected to stay jb4 and BMS Backend Flash and It wasn’t too long before I decide I wanted to try meth.  Long story short, a few modifications later I started to notice turbo lag and wastegate rattle. BMW denied me the replacement of turbos under Warranty. So how does one get turbos? Well……. I struck up a deal with the wife….. she gets to upsize her wedding ring set and I get new VTT turbos!”

For those of you who do not know Tyler, he is one of the most technical and methodical persons in this community and every day I learn new depths to his never-ending knowledge and I have concluded that he is probably NOT HUMAN! 


THe Mods List





VTT GC Turbos (V2)

JB4 withJB4 Connect kit

Sw4y Tuned BEF


VTT Inlets and Outlets

VRSF downpipes

Muffler Delete/ factory secondary cats and resonator are still in place.

Boost Monkey Charge Pipe/ Custom V band style connection. 

Dynamic Drive Power Steering Reservoir hoses.

Turbosmart Race Port BOV

BMS Meth Pump, lines, wiring.

Devil’s Own 2.5-gallon Meth Tank w/ molded baffles.

Sharps customs factory location intake manifold.

     95lb/hr F.A.S.T. LS3 style injectors.

     JB4 Additional injector controller and harness

     Plumbed to meth kit to inject 100% methanol

BMS 7" stepped race intercooler for e90 (custom mounted for e60).

Custom/DIY 3" "J" pipe made from silicone couplers/boots and aluminum piping.

VTT Dual catch can- modified with BMS mounting tabs to attach to e60 strut bar/brace

   VTA on the high side

   External PCV on the low side

   Plugged head ports

NGK 5992 plugs gapped to 0.024

PR Coil Kit

King Rod bearings.

XHP Stage 3 Transmission Flash

Power flex front forward and rearward control arm bushings

Continental extreme contact DWS06 tires





BMW M-Sport steering wheel with paddle shifter retrofit.

Sports Automatic Transmission Shifter retrofit.

CIC I-Drive retrofit (combox retrofit in process)

4 Channel Amp Install for mids and tweets

Mono Amps for factory underseat subs

Mono Amp for Kicker L7 Sub in the trunk.

Led Interior lighting kit

Custom Cluster Led Swap


What's Next?

What's Next?


1M Style Front Bumper

M-Sport side skirts

AC Schnitzer style trunk spoiler

Led angle eye / Halo kit

Clear fender marker lights with led bulbs

Led license plate lights

Fog light delete

What's Next?

What's Next?

What's Next?


M5 215 differential-axles-driveshaft

M5 Black Headliner and pillar panels

Engine Build

on the Dyno.