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Walnut Blast in the Seattle Area (N54/N55/S55)

N54 walnut blast in the seattle area

Walnut blast n54
Walnut blast n55
Walnut blast s55

 The BMW N54 Inline 6-cylinder twin-turbocharged engine featured in many of BMW’s production automobiles suffers from carbon build up on the intake valves as a result of direct injection. Positive crankcase pressure combined with a common crankcase ventilation system when used in conjunction with direct injection technology leaves intake valves defenseless from oil accumulation on the back of the valves and valve stems. 

N54 walnut blast

N55 walnut blast

S55 walnut blast

BMW N54 Maintenance

Valve Cover and Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

N54 valve cover gasket replacement in seattle 
N55 valve cover gasket replacement in seattle

 The N54 is known as one of BMW's more powerful and tuner friendly engines - however, they are not without fault. As you now probably know the valve cover is one of the weak points in your engine. We recommend you replace your valve cover with a fresh, Genuine BMW valve cover when you start to see oil seeping out of your valve cover gasket. Often times, these plastic valve covers crack and cause a myriad of running issues. 

BMW N54 Maintenance

N54/N55 Injector Replacement and Coding

N54 injector replacement Seattle 


 N54 fuel injectors have a index number which is critical to take note of when it's time to replace a failed fuel injector. The index number dictates on whether fuel injectors can be mixed or not. The fuel injectors in this kit are the most recent version of what's available and can only be installed with other fuel injectors that have an index number of 11 or higher. If the injectors are 10 or lower all fuel injectors will need to be replaced to ensure proper fuel system and engine performance. 

BMW N54 performance and maintenance 

N54/N55 Downpipes Install

N54 downpipe install Seattle 
N55 downpipe install

Downpipes eliminate the restrictive oem converters olallowing the exhaust to flow more freely and thus allowing for more power and torque. Because higher boost levels generate more heat catless downpipes allows your N54 to run higher boost settings.  

BMW N54 Performance

N54 Oil Pan Gasket


A common place to begin leaking on any engine, oil pan gaskets begin to leak after a few years.

note : It is also recommended to replace oil pan screws once removed.

Water Pump and Thermostat Replacement

Bmw water pump replacement Seattle.

 The proper operation of your thermostat and water pump is vital to keep your engine running cool and efficient. This kit is specific for N51, N52 and N52N engines commonly found in late model 3-Series and 5-Series BMWs  

MOSFET Replacement


Constant misfires?

 You might just have DME issues.

Related error messages:

30BA DME digital motor electronics, internal failure
30BB DME digital motor electronics, internal failure

High Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade/Replacement


 High pressure fuel pumps, or more simply HPFP's, are a common trouble item on N54 powered BMW's. A failed HPFP can cause your car to go into limp mode or in extreme cases will leave you stranded on the side of the road. BMW has redesigned and re-engineered this part multiple times do to reliability concerns.  

BMW N54 Maintenance 

N54 Oil Filter Housing Gasket Replacement



If you own a BMW with an N52, N52N, or N54 engine you can almost be assured that at some point you will be replacing the oil filter housing gasket seal. The seal in question is a soft rubber seal that sits in the filter housing and seals it to the engine block. Over time this seal due to exposure to heat and oil will become hard, shrink, and eventually lose its seal. What then results is a nice oil puddle underneath your vehicle originating from the oil filer housing.

BMW N54 Maintenance 

Low Pressure Fuel Pump Replacement


 If your BMW has no fuel pressure at the fuel rail it could be due to a faulty fuel pump. This fuel pump and sender assembly is located in the right side of your BMW's fuel tank and provides fuel flow for the engine. With age the electric pump can stop working.  

More Fuel!



If you are running E85 or if you are making more power on pump gas than your HPFP (High Pressure Fuel Pump) can support? We recommend you install supplement fueling kit of your choice.

Charge pipe Water/methanol injection: provides you the means for effectively reducing engine inlet air temperatures and suppressing harmful detonation. This allows you to increase boost and advance ignition timing—without using high-octane racing fuel—It also reliefs yours HPFP from taking the full load of supplying fuel to your engine. 

Port injection is a kit that is installed between your intake manifold and the cylinder head to provide you with more fueling than your stock system is capable of.  It's a relatively easy system to install and does not require any permanent modification to your car.

Clutch Replacement



If your Stock Clutch is worn down or if you are making big power and your clutch is slipping, or the engagement isn't what it used to be, it's time for a replacement. Slipping clutches won't allow your BMW to accelerate properly and can pose problems under a load such as going up large inclines. Also, a worn clutch can cause less precise and engaging shifts. By replacing your clutch you will restore performance and driving pleasure.

Transmission Services


Heat and friction generated in the transmission through the car’s normal and regular operation can result in damage in any of your transmissions components. Many repair issues related to the transmission can develop over time. Keeping up with Transmission Maintenance can offset or delay these issues from developing.

Maintenance Items: 

FLUID – Transmission Fluid eases the impact of heat and friction on many components in the system. This protectant fluid can become saturated with various types of dirt particles over time. 

Filter: The filter traps many particles before they enter the fluid, but some will still get through. Because dirt particles will continue to impact the system, regular fluid and filter changes are essential.

N54 Ignition Upgrade Kits

Mo info coming soo...

(N55/N54) Turbo Upgrade/Replacement

N54 Turbocharger Replacement/ Upgrade

N54 Turbo Upgrade in Seattle
N55 Turbo upgrade in Seattle

Turbocharger failure can cause any or all the symptoms listed below:

unusual oil consumption


increased turbo lag

failure to hold boost

the vehicle going into "Limp mode",

excessive wastegate rattle

siren like noises on throttle

We offer turbocharger replacements, either a remanufactured Genuine BMW Mitsubishi Turbo, or aftermarket upgraded turbochargers if you are looking to take your BMW N54 to the next level. Upgraded Turbochargers can produce 500-700 whp depending on supporting mods. 

If you need stock or aftermarket TurboCharger Replacement services, send us a message and we can make provide you with a turn key solution tailored to your needs.

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