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THe man behind the awd madness


Why N54 and why XI?

Originally what got me into the N54 platform was the amount of luxury the car had. At the time I was going to business meetings in a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX and I felt I needed something just a little classier to fit in. When I found out the 335i platform was comfortable, luxurious, and could make a decent amount of power, I was hooked.. Take note, this is actually my 2nd N54. I used to have a 2007 e90 335i rwd that was fun, but it was really a stepping stone into the  XI platform.

Do you regret that decision? Would you do this all over again?

 The car has been very much so rewarding. Its a pleasure to daily drive on the street, and every so often when I get on it the boost just feels good. It will always be a project in the making, but I am very proud of where the car stands today.  

My original plan for the car was to be a daily driver that happened to be a fun and enjoyable. Well...... I was convinced to do a few bolt on modifications and the bug hit me. I ended up in a downward spiral of money and go fast parts disappearing into the car. I am currently at the point where I now need a new daily driver. Once i started making decent power with the car and went with the upgraded twin turbos,.... I quickly realized that this platform (being awd vs the typical rwd 335i) doesn't get built that often.  

The rest is history...............I am currently trying the chase the 335xi world record, which is 10.917. My best pass to date has only been 11.60 but that included spinning through 1st gear and targeting low boost. Still have room to grow, but I'll keep pushing for 10s!    

So what is next?

Next car is 100% going to be a 1995 - 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX / Talon Tsi AWD, or a C6 Corvette that will get boosted. Something that will be a dedicated track only race car and part time garage queen. As for a daily driver, I'm starting to enjoy the new Karma Pininfarina GT. You know a car guys is hitting a mid life crisis when he starts to consider a realistic daily driver vehicle 

From your experience, are N54s unreliable?

 That car has been surprisingly reliable for me thus far, even with the power I've throw at it, the miles I keep adding, and the racing that wears on parts. But with proper maintenance,  I've really enjoyed her. 

Anything else you'd want to say?

Dig race?




- MMP Stage 3 turbos

- MMP Silicone outlets

- VRSF SS relocated inlets

- VRSF catless downpipes

- VRSF charge pipe

- TiAL 50mm bov

- PSP 750 front mount 

- Eurotuning stage 2 lpfp 

- Shit loads of maintenance 

- BMS cowl filters

- BMS oil catch can 

- ADE pcv delete 

- Tuned on MHD / E85

- Straightpiped exhaust with Ti tips

- N20 sensor 




- SpeedFactor windshield banner 😉

- VMR 9x19 +28 wheels ~ 245/35/19 tires Front

- VMR 10.5x19 +28 wheels ~ 285/30/19 tires Rear

- M4 style double slat kidneys

- Lux H8 headlights

- Msport front bumper 

- Rear diffuser

- PNW N54 gauge overlay




- M performance suspension 

- Whiteline subframe inserts

- StopTech brake kit 




- AWD Auto 

- XHP Stage 3

335xi vs the world