2009 135: Franken Turbo

Its not all about peak horse power....

I had the fortune of meeting Jason Late 2018 and let me tell you, he is not your usual tuner. Jason is a marine biologist working to save the world. When not driving his car, he can be found working in remote Alaska measuring fish and mucking around in the mud. .. pretty amazing stuff if you ask me.

What got Jason started on the E82 N54 platform?

“I had just finished another mild build, a supercharged G35. It was my frustration with that platform that made me start looking for the next thing. I saw my first 135i at the 2009 Seattle Car Show. It had all the things I was lusting for in my G35 build: factory Brembo brakes, light (er) weight, a twin turbo engine, and room in the backseat (for the kid). It just struck me as this muscular, bull dog looking car. It was a small car with a big engine… a proven formula. I was hooked.” 

So why mod it?

"I can’t leave anything stock. I believe everything has untapped potential just waiting to be coaxed out. The N54 has a robust modding community with lots of parts and aftermarket support. I couldn’t just leave all that juicy power uncorked. 

What was your goal for the build?

“I wanted a street car. I drive the shit out of my cars and this one was going to be my daily, so mods had to be done reliably while making the car fun. I wanted a bit of sleeper that could handle as well as put down power in a straight line. The N54 is great modding platform, but you have to maintain it. I love what has been done to the car (though I may back off the spring rates a bit). It is fun to blow the doors off of soccer moms leaving practice“

How long did this build take?

“I started modding the car about 2 months after I got it. Easy things (Dual cone filters and chargepipe). Once I started researching things, I’d buy parts and stash them away until I could get them installed or get help. Once I got a JB4 it all started going really quickly. Then I plugged into the local N54 community and it felt like coming home. Great guys and great cars.”

So what’s next?

I have had several modded cars and I have never taken one this far. I plan on doing mods to make it more reliable and help with traction. It has plenty of power, but it has a hard time keeping the tires from breaking loose. I just want to drive it and hear that lovely Psshhh sound after a good pull! 







Burger Motorsports JB4 with USB cable

Burger Motorsports dual cone intake

Burger Motorsports baffled oil catch can

Burger Motorsports PCV Valve upgrade

Tial Sport Q blow off valve in blue (11psi spring)

VRSF chargepipe

VRSF downpipes

VRSF performance HD intercooler

VRSF silicone outlet Y pipes

FrankenTurbo Silicone Inlets

FrankenTurbo F21Bi Hybrid turbos 

NGK Iridium sparkplugs (1 step colder)





Wheels:  Apex Race EC-7

Front; 18x8.5” ET45

Front; 10mm billet spacers to accommodate aftermarket dampers

Rear; 18x9.5” ET58

Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires

235/40/R18 (front)

265/35/R18 (rear) 





Fortune 500 coilovers; Swift Springs (10/13kg spring rates)

M3 control arms (front only)




 XHP Stage 2 flash

Redline Transmission Fluid





BMW Performance Discs Front

Stoptech pads (front and rear)

G2 Caliper paint (Vista blue)